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Many of the families of the victims of flight 370 are behaving as many Chinese mainland people do. They act out of ignorance rather than reason. Not only do they act out of ignorance but do so with the utmost insolence. Even the China Daily put out a opinion piece saying how they should behave with dignity and rationality.

I have heard and seen them accuse Malaysia of conspiring and detaining the people on the plane. I have heard them accuse them of lying. What evidence do they have of this? Nothing. Ironic since they also accuse Malaysia of making statements without evidence. Granted they have lost loved ones but does that give them an excuse to make up these baseless slanderous accusations? Rumor rules the lives of many Chinese and the slightest gossip can put them into a tizzy often with very harmful effects. Sadly much of the Chinese public┬ábelieve the rumors and I have heard people say that they think the US and Malaysian governments are conspiring against them and know where the plane is. They think the passengers are being kept alive somewhere and demand they be released. This is the kind of blind that has brought China so much misery in the last 60 years. Malaysia hasn’t done anything that is morally wrong. Perhaps they could have done some thing more efficiently and been more careful but I have not seen them behave in anything other than what the situation warranted. I think they have done about as well as it was possible under the circumstances. If only the family members behaved as decently.