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Why are Chinese people of such low quality?


This is a follow up to my previous post. I have been thinking about this for some time now and want to ask the why question. I have heard and read several explanations. I think they may have some truth to them but I also want to talk about an additional possible explanation.

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Exciting time for Chinese track

I’m a fan of track and field. I had once predicted the success of Liu Xiang just before the 2004 Olympics (I had predicted he’d go sub 13 second for the 110m hurdles and get a medal) but I didn’t expect him to tie the then world record and win gold.

There are two good 100m prospects out of China now.

Zhang Peimeng recently set the national record with a 10.00 run. I think he can go sub 10 second in the coming two years.

Even more exciting is the 17 year old Youxue Mo who just won the world Youth Championship’s 100m race in 10.35.