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Fashionable bullshit (and why I left Hiddenharmonies)

In this post, I will talk about a intellectual trend (and a rather trendy one it seems among some) that I perceive as having some influence among certain types of China watchers such as those at this site (hiddenharmonies). As some of you may be from that site, I will also explain that that trend is also my primary reasons for leaving the site having posted there for 2 years and been a editor there for about 1 year under the pseudonym of melekatus but now wanting to start my own blog about China and the west.

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Guanxi is defined as informal institutions which grants individuals certain privileges and obligations within relationships in virtue of being in particular social positions. Guanxi is very much an aspect of modern Chinese culture. It has received some considerable attention in the western press recently. Often it is portrayed inaccurately being used interchangeably with corruption. This is misleading.

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