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“No ideas and the ability to express them: That’s a journalist” (Quote from Karl Kraus)

Not too long ago, James Fallows, a writer and editor for the Atlantic wrote a piece about Jeremy Lin. In that article he claimed that his fellow Atlantic writer Bob Wright’s claim that Lin’s success is somehow partly due to him being Asian as “horseshit.” I really don’t want to harp on either of the articles main points but Fallows seems to have made one glaring error in regard to a claim he made in it that said,

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Refilling the Liberal vacuum

In a previous post I talked about the Liberal tradition (that is, the explicit and formal human rights framework, not to be confused with how people often use the term to refer to a political or economic “left” or being “progressive”) as being a byproduct of religious, political and other kinds of oppression in the west. 

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Rethinking democracy

This blog will present a philosophical discussion so that we may better think from a different and deeper perspective about this commonly thought of but little understood notion.

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